Headstand Displays was born out of a personal need for glass art displays. In college the founder had partnered with a good friend and created an e-commerce glass art website that focused on high-end products with excellent photography to truly show them off. While photographing accessory pieces, it was discovered that while there were a few glass display options, there were none that were exceedingly stylish, nor were they able to easily be mass-produced and sold. Headstand Displays created their first Slide Displays in late 2012, and it has been a non-stop progression since. Starting with a set product line, moving to custom displays for smoke shops, and then finally breaking into the cannabis market and producing custom displays for cannabis companies - which is the bread & butter of Headstand Displays today.



We start each design from scratch, completely catering specifically to the product assortment at hand. We start with an initial round of design includes a quick digital sketch, followed by CAD design and renders.


Before moving forward with manufacturing, we closely inspect every millimeter of the display to ensure proper function and fitment. We 3D print a sample display at 1/4 or 1/2 scale depending on the actual size, and then produce a 1-off sample to test with your packaging before moving forward.


Our displays are crafted from high quality acrylic. Before the display parts are created from the blank sheet material using a laser cutter, we add permanent branding and graphics to each primary component using an acrylic printer. Following that we bend, assemble, and bond each piece necessary to complete the final design. Lastly we add the final touches and polish to each display before they are secured in individual packaging, ready to transport to their final destination.


We complete a thorough inspection of each display and packaging, then we ship all displays via UPS ground or Freight.