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     Headstand Displays was born out of a personal need for glass art displays. In college the founder had partnered with a good friend and created an e-commerce glass art website that focused on high-end products with excellent photography to truly show them off. While photographing accessory pieces, it was discovered that while there were a few glass display options, there were none that were exceedingly stylish, nor were they able to easily be mass-produced and sold. Headstand Displays created their first Slide Displays in late 2012, and it has been a non-stop progression since. Starting with a set product line, moving to custom displays for smoke shops, and then finally breaking into the cannabis market and producing custom displays for cannabis and glass companies - which is the bread & butter of Headstand Displays today.


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     We understand that how your product is displayed to customers is paramount. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.



Management & Team


Founder, lead designer

Brandon Presley

     Brandon has had an eye and knack for design since elementary school, first joining an after-school cartoon design class in 2nd grade. This passion developed into a more digital-based focus after starting to design websites in 2003 at age 13. This was before Squarespace and other platforms that made websites so easy - and each website was created from splicing a Photoshop file together in Adobe Dreamweaver. While having a heart for design, Brandon completed his degree in Business Management to better prepare for running a company, while filling his remaining time with design courses and tutorials.



B.A., Business Management 2015

Activities & Affiliations

• BetaBlox Business Incubator, Member